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Chiropractic Colleges

Cleveland Colleges of Chiropractic
Colorado College of Chiropractic
Life University Home Page
Life West Chiropractic College
Logan College of Chiropractic
Los Angeles College of Chiropractic
National College of Chiropractic
New York Chiropractic College
Northwestern College of Chiropractic
Pasadena College of Chiropractic Alumni Homepage
Palmer College of Chiropractic
Palmer College West
Parker College of Chiropractic
Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic
Texas Chiropractic College
University of Bridgeport Chiropractic
Western States Chiropractic College
Melbourne Chiropractic College
University of Sydney Australia Chiropractic College
Macquarie University .. Chiropractic Studies, Sydney, Australia
Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
University of Quebec Chiropractic Studies .. (French)
Odense Denmark Chiropractic Studies
Chiropractic Studies in France .. (French)
Technikon Natal .. Chiropractic Studies in South Africa
Franco-European Institute of Chiropractic
Anglo-European College of Chiropractic


Chiropractic Referrals

European Chiropractic Union
Chiropractic Chiropractic of France
Chiropractic Forum from the UK
Chiropractor and Associates Connection
Chiropractic Referral and Resources
Chiropractic Referrals
Chiropractic Finder
Chiropractor Finder .. GS Productions
Dial Up network for chiropractic
Chiropractic Network in France (in French)
National Directory of Chiropractic
Chiropractic Overseas Information
Chiropractic resource page
Internet Marketing for new patients

Vacation Relief

Individual Chiropractor WebPages:

Dr.Margolies' webpage
Dr. Lynne Sullivan
Dr. Jordan L. Kovacs, Eatontown, NJ
Main Street Chiropractic in Largo, Fl
Dr.Kenneth Martin's California webpage
Dr.Debra Birnbaum .. Boynton Beach, Fl webpage
Moline, IL Chiropractic Center webpage
Dr. Alemi's webpage .. in French
Dr.Arnolds's webpage in Australia..
Dr. Barnwell's webpage
Dr. Bruce Clark's fantastic webpage .. lots of links
Dr.Burdi's webpage .. take a peak very creative
Dr.Michael Haley webpage
Dr.Joseph Ierano in Australia
Dr. Paul Milone's webpage
Dr. Ross Funnell in Australia
Dr.J.J. Levine's webpage
Dr. Roundy's webpage from Buford Ga.
Dr. Silva's webpage .. take a look
Dr. Epstein's webpage from Buford Ga.
Dr. Kellenberger's Page
Great Webpage example with research info
Chiropractic Links
Spanish web page .. from Spain
Dr. Wayne Zemelka's page
Dr. Hudak's Edison, N.J. office
Drs. Brian and Jennifer Prax's Hayward, CA office
Chiro Life Center, Ontario, Canada
Dr. Bowers N.J. office

Computer Programs
Easybilling for Macintosh and Windows ..
In Phase computer practice management program..
ClinicPro computer practice management program..
Atlas Computer Systems
Eon Systems Software..
Acrendo Chiropractic Software ..
Life Systems Chiro Suite
Altapoint chiropractic software company
Future Health Software
Auto-Pilot software company .. Soap notes
cbase chiropractic software company
Quixote Business Software
Practice Software Solutions
ChiroPad .. Using a Pocket Palm for SOAP notes
Chiropulse software
Chiro-7000 office software
Current Chiropractic webpage design
DC-Power Notes .. Soap and reporting
Eclipse office software
E.Z BIS Office Software
E-Z Note Taking Documentation
Greycat G2 Software Solutions
Herfert Chiropractic Software
LYTEC chiropractic office software
MacEssentials Software
MEDISOFT software for the office
MediNotes Electronic Records
MyEMR for the Pocket PC
MyEMR Free for Windows
Practice StudioChiroX3 to manage the office
Quick Notes software
ACOM document management software
Chirowebsites Webpage Design program
Visual Edge webpage Design program
Get New Patients Webpage Design



Consultants and Seminars

Dr. Pete Fernandez
MBA Chiropractic Download Seminars
Business Industrial Chiropractic Service
Parker Seminars
Dynamic Essentials
Breakthrough Coaching
Dennis Nikitow Seminars
David Singer Enterprises
CJ Mertz Seminars
Chiropractic Pediatrics, the Warners
Master's Circle Seminar webpage
Cash Practice Calculator
American Association of Chiropractic Consultants
Greg Stanley Whitehall Management
Capacity Management with Greg Jack
Kats Management
Scoliosis seminars
Master Piece Training Camp with Dr. Arno
New Beginnings Chiropractic Philosophy
Chiroelite seminars
Chiropractic America
Chiro Legal services
Chirolink Systems
Dr. Jay L Morgan
Sigafoose Seminars
Dr. Tony Palermo
MD-DC program with Dr.Dahan
Dr. Len Schwartz
Lakeside Chiropractic Seminars
X-ray analysis webpage
Eric Plasker's Family Practice
Arthur Croft Whiplash Seminars
Get New Patients Program

Revolution Seminars
Schofield Seminars
Body By God Seminars
Ultimate Practice
Wellness Practice Seminars
Chiropractic Aces Seminars
Robert Schiffman Seminars



Diagnostic Examination Products

TY-Q Range of Motion Unit
Body Composition Analysis
Body Fat Analysis
Motion Muscle Testing by Jtech
CLA Subluxation Station SEMG
Myovison SEMG
Universl X-ray
HCMI X-ray
AmeriComp X-ray
AllPro Imaging X-ray
Motion x-ray units
Titronics TyTron C-3000
Myovision SEMG
Cost Free X-ray Reports
ROF X-Ray Marking Templates
S.A.M. unit
Spinal Motion Analyser
ultrasound imaging of soft tissue problems
ROM Diagnostic Tools





Educational and Promotional Material
Visual Odyssey Patient Education
Posture Pro
EduChiro marketing
Chiropractic Health Center of
Health Visions Waiting Room Videos
Visual Chiropractic Products
Koren Publications
EyeQuest Networks -- visual media service
Media Doc Patient Education
Chiropractic Promotions
Back Talk Systems
Birthing information with Suzanne Arms
Business of Chiropractic, by Ivan Delman, DC
Chiropractic Posters and Art
Chiropractic Assistants Program
Office Posters
Chiropractic OnLine Today .. referrals .. chats
Chiropractic Television Commercials Marketing System
Crooked Pens by H.W.Industries
Golden Touch Patient Brochures
Chiropractic Images
Iatrogenic Reactions
Krames Publications
Musicians Health Page
National Academy of Chiropractic Assistants
National Board Review
Patient Media .. Bill Esteb
RKS Marketing .. websites
RealEyes communications
Scrip Chiropractic Supply
Anatomical Models
On-Line Continuing Education Credits



Ergonomic and Repetitive Stress Syndrome sites

Business Industrial Chiropractic Service
Ergonomic site from OSHA
Wellness council .. good site for ergonomics
OSHA site
3M Company Ergonomic Newsletters
OSHA website check for Ergonomics
Chiropractic oriented Ergonomic Page
Repetitive Stress Injury Statistics
Ergonomics At Work
Typing Injury Webpage
Patients Guide to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Patient Carpal Tunnel exercises
Carpal Tunnel Information
Carpal Tunnel Resource for Books
Great ergonomic information and $25 video
Statistics on repetitive stress injuries
Ergonomic Exercise
Ergonomic site .. great material
Resource library for a fee
Ergonomic topics
Ergonomic links
More Ergonomic links
Typing injury archives
Even More Ergonomic links
Golf ..Back Swing Dynamics..
Ergonomics and the human factor
Egonomic Educational sites
Ergonomic Educational page
Ergonomic Educational material
Repetitive Stress Injury Info
Repetitive Stress Injury Info
Stretching Info
General RSIinfo
General RSI info
General RSI info
Ergonomic Resource links
General Ergonomic Info
General Ergonomic Info
Victor House Publications .. Safety Posters
Treatment for Tendinitis



General Equipment

Microlight Laser Ml830
Chiro Mall
Core Products
Pneumatic Cervical Traction
Physical rehabilitation
Office Equipment
Professional Therapy Products
Primecare America Financing an office
Chiropractic Equipment
Chattanooga Equipment
Table service and sales
Disc rehab equipment
Equipment Sales
Fitness Products
Inversion unit
Equipment source .. Dr. Supply
Equipment and x-rays
DC Tools .. equipment reviews
Massage Chairs
Used Chiropractic Equipment
Rehabiltation Equipment and supplies
Crescent Products

General Information and Organizations

Chiropractic Health Center of
Outlook Practice Sales
Student Loan Relief
Wellness Educational Foundation
CDC search engine
Chiropractic shirts
Chiropractor and Associates Connection
Chirocareer Etc.
Chiropractic Reimbursement Institute
Chiropractic Vacation Relief DC's
Drug reaction site
Iatrogenic disease site
Insurance coding information
SDN Insurance for Chiropractors
NCMIC Malpractice Insurance Company
OUM Malpractice Insurance Company
ChiroSecure Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance
CBS Malpractice Insurance
National Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance
National Chiropractic Forensic
Oklahaven Chiropractic Children's Clinic
Practices for sale
Preferred Chiropractic Doctor (PCD)
Chiropractic Resource Organization
Chiropractic Resource.. must for new DC's
Chiropractic Resource Site .. seminar links
Chiropractic OnLine Today .. referrals .. chats
Chronic Illness Webpage
Help for Chiropractic Students
National Vaccination Information Center
Anti-vaccine website
Financing Company .. HPSC
Exercise and Rehab tapes Book publishers
Pain Control by
Stock Dividend Direct Plans (DRIP Plans)
World Patients Association

Marketing and Web Material
Chiropractic Promotions
Perfect Patients Website Creation
Business Industrial Chiropractic Service
S.A.M. Unit
ChiroMatrix Webpage design
Practice Building
Chiroclips .. graphic images
Chiropractic Newpaper Ads
Chiropractic Referrals & Web Design
Chiropractic Television Commercials Marketing System
Chirosite web marketing
Chirotel Telemarketing for Chiropractic
Crooked Pens
Colorful Business Cards
H.W. Industries Bent Pens
LSI International
Chiropractic website design
Patient generating videos
Direct Marketing Mailing
Golf and Chiropractic
Chiro Cookies
Chiro Professor

National or State Associations

American Chiropractic Assn
American College of Sports Medicine
American Association of Chiropractic Consultants
Canadian Chiropractic Assistant's Association
Colorado Chiropractic Assn
Council of Chiropractic guidelines
Chiropractic Chiropractic of France
Chiropractic Forensic Organization
Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards
Florida Chiropractic Assn
Florida Chiropractic Society
Georgia Chiropractic Board of Examiners
Georgia Chiropractic Assn
International Chiropractic Association
International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
ICPA Research Foundation
Maine Chiropractic Association .. great links
North Carolina Chiropractic Board of Examiners

Newsletters and Publications

Chiropractic Products Magazine
Dynamic Chiropractic
Chiropractic Journal
CDC search engine
Chiropractic Report
Planet Chiropractic Weekly news
Chiroweb .. Dynamic Chiropractic On-Line
Chiropractic Economics Magazine
Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research Magazine
New England Journal of Medicine
Medical Mistakes Link page
In Touch Newsletters
WCA news
Today's Chiropractic Magazine


Standard Process
NutraScience Labs
intraMax/Drucker Labs
BioPharma Scientific
Hakuna Matata Children's Vitamins
Douglas Labs Nutrition
Hair analysis
Homeopathic Webpage and allied links
Immune Modulation Maximum Corporation
NutriGuide Personal Nutritionist
Phytopharmica Nutritional Products
Loomis Institute Enzymes
Science Based Nutrition
Vegetarian Webpage



Office Management Assistance

MBA Consulting Video On-line
Web-based practice integration system
Soap notes with a Palm Pilot
Chiropad (Express++) .. note taking
Chiropractic Insurance Codes
Chiropractic Business Tips
MicroFour Touch Voice System
William Esteb's Patient Media
ChiroPlus Documentation management
NCMIC Lease/Loan
Chirostore Products .. Internet store
DC-Power Notes
Dispensar-EZE inventory software
Ergo Pro Exercises
E-Z Note Taking Documentation
Images onto Word Documents
Insurance claim billing company
Office software and notes
Precision Claims .. insurance billing service
Quick Notes
Report Master
WRite Pad notes and report program

Orthopedic and Therapy Supplies

Z-Tek Pain Management E-Stim
Foot Levelers
Florida Orthopedics
Janda Balance System
The Orthotic Group
OSI Orthotics
Avicenna Laser Therapy
Erchonia Laser Therapy
Laser Therapy
VicraCussor and Arthostim
Back support cushions
Bodyline Support products
Rehab System
Sissel Rehab
Heat Therapy
CDM Sports Rehab
Fitter International therapy
Med1 Low Level Laser
Micro Current Therapy
Lifeline USA cable therapy
Meditrac Cervical Traction
Chattanooga Group
The Scrip Chiropractic Superstore
Crescent Cervical Pillow
Cervical Traction Unit
Neck Orthotic
Koalaty Therapy
Doctors Supply
Exercise and Rehab tapes and Book publishers
G-5 .. General Physiotherapy unit
Heel Lift company
Posture Pump
Innovative Rehab
LSI International Products
Lumbar belts by Schiek
Mettler Therapy Products
OPTP belts and supports
Orthotics by PostuReset
Therapeutica pillows
Tri Hawk Orthotics
Parker Products
Piezo electical therapy
Professional Therapy Products
Natures Way Herbal Heat Cold Pack
Synergy Therapeutic Rehab
Ball Dynamic Rehab
RPI Intracell Myofascial Release
Acupuncture Supplies
Wrist Trac Capal Tunnel Unit
MediCordz Rehab
Lordex Decompression Units


School Book Bag Solution
Chiropractic Innovation Products
Anatomical Products
Anatomical 3D Products
Professional Suppliers
Saunders Group Suppliers
Chiropractic Products
Chirostore Products .. Internet store
Gangadhar .. chiropractic pictures and clothes
Karl Parker Chiropractic Supplies Chiropractic Pain Relief Chiropractic Supplies

Small Business Websites

Start Up ideas
Interactive site for successful women
Advice for the small business
Newsletters and articles for business owners
Small Business Association
Retired businessmen assist via e-mail


Chiropractic Tables
Elite Tables
EuroTech Tables
Cox Table
3D Decompression Table
TRI W-G Tables
VAX-D Decompression Tables
Sidmar Hydromassage Tables
Hill Chiro tables
Chattanooga Equipment
European Lojer Chirotable 250 AIO (All-In-One)
Lloyd Tables
P.E.T. Euro-Tech
Williams Tables
Portable Tables
Table Covers
Upholstering Kits


Activator Methods
Cox Technic
Impulse Instrument
TPro Adjuster Technic
Pettibon System
Chiropractic Biophysics On-line
D.N.F.T. non force technic
Gonstead Web Page
Network Chiropractic
Pierce-Stillwagon Technic
Concept Therapy
SOT (SORSI) webpage
Thompson Technique Tapes
Bio Cranial Institute
Precision Spinal Correction
Advanced BioStructural Correction
Chiropractic Acupuncture Seminars
Animal Adjusting Seminars
Laser Seminars
Treatment for Tendinitis