June 10, 2002 Dr. Sid E. Williams, President Life University College of Chiropractic 1269 Barclay Circle Marietta, Georgia 30060 Dear Dr. Williams: On June 7, 2002 the Commission on Accreditation (COA) of the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) met with you and other representatives of Life University College of Chiropractic (LUCC) in a status review meeting further to consider the application for reaffirmation of accreditation as submitted by LUCC. COA actions previous to this meeting included imposition of a sanction of Probation, and deferral of a decision for the maximum allowable time period of one year, regarding the LUCC application for reaffirmation of accreditation. In addition to its review of all materials related to previous COA considerations and actions in this matter, the COA conducted this status review meeting to provide an opportunity for LUCC representatives to present reasons why the COA should not take further adverse action, and to provide opportunity for LUCC representatives to answer questions from the COA regarding ongoing and outstanding concerns. Subsequent to that meeting, the COA met in executive session and reached a consensus decision regarding the LUCC application for reaffirmation of accreditation. The COA decision is to deny reaffirmation of accreditation for LUCC. This decision constitutes revocation of accredited status with the COA. The COA decision is based on the following Criteria for Accreditation, as embodied in the January 2000 publication of The Council on Chiropractic Education Commission on Accreditation Standards for Chiropractic Programs and Institutions (Standards), with which LUCC is in noncompliance: II. Assessment and Planning Each program or institution must maintain a comprehensive and ongoing system of evaluation and planning, and must demonstrate its effectiveness in achieving its mission, goals and objectives. V. Mission Elements A. D.C. Degree Program (including clinical experiences) 1. Objectives Each program or institution must establish instructional objectives that support its mission and goals. Instruction leading to the doctor of chiropractic degree must meet the following requirements: The curriculum must be designed and implemented in a manner in which students are able to integrate relevant information presented in the basic, clinical and chiropractic sciences with the clinical, laboratory and patient care experiences in clinical decision making. V. Mission Elements A. D.C. Degree Program 3. Inputs b. Faculty/Staff Programs and institutions must demonstrate adequacy and stability of basic and clinical sciences faculty and staff. The faculty and staff volume, variety and qualifications must be appropriate to the mission, goals and program objectives of the program or institution. V. Mission Elements A. D.C. Degree Program 4. Outcomes The quantitative clinic requirements will not be the sole criteria used to assess the programÅs or institutionÅs success in educating a student to practice the art and science of chiropractic. Upon completing his or her course of study, each student must demonstrate proficiency in the following competencies note: see Clinical Competencies for Chiropractic Programs and Institutions] consistent with the "Foreword" of the CCE Standards for Programs and Institutions. In addition to the above, an important consideration has been failure on the part of the LUCC administration and board of trustees to establish and maintain an environment appropriate for education and employment. COA has determined that there is compelling reason for immediate public disclosure of this decision and, in accordance with the CCE Standards, the COA directly will notify the United States Secretary of Education, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, other appropriate accrediting agencies, jurisdictional chiropractic licensing boards, the public, and other relevant parties. Revocation of accreditation constitutes an adverse not take effect until the time period for filing an appeal has expired or until final action has been taken on any such appeal. Should LUCC choose to file such an appeal, written notice must be made either in person or via certified mail to the CCE Executive Vice-President not later than 30 days following the postmark date of this letter. Such notice of intent to appeal must be the official action taken by the governing body of the institution of which LUCC is a part. A more detailed procedure regarding the steps to be followed in the appeal process may be found in CCE Policy COA-8, a copy of which is attached. Should LUCC choose to pursue reinstatement of its accredited status with the COA, the program must follow the process for initial accreditation as outlined in the current CCE Standards. If you have questions regarding this matter or if we can provide clarifying assistance, please contact the COA through the Chair or through the CCE Executive Vice-President, Dr. Paul D. Walker. Sincerely, Dr. Brimhall's signature was affixed when this Joseph Brimhall, D.C. Chair, Commission on Accreditation Enclosures: CCE Policy COA 8 CCE Standards for Doctor of Chiropractic Programs and Institutions: January 2002 Members the CCE Commission on Accreditation Dr. Paul D. Walker, Executive Vice President