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The Anti-Cancer A New Way Of Life" is a book review. This presentation outlines environmental toxicity and the importance of utilizing the proper...
Anti-Cancer $50.00

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Ergonomics and Material Handlers

Lifting and warehousing is quite taxing for the body. There re some basic rules that will keep your spine in line and have you avoid the constant...
Ergonomics and Material Handlers $50.00

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Headaches and Allergies

This workshop will cover a topic near and dear to many. Often when I ask a new patient if they have headaches, they reply that they have their usual...
Headaches and Allergies $50.00

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Health and Wellness

This class is for new and established patients. There are two concepts in healthcare, Sickness and Disease or Health and Wellness. Chiropractic...
Health and Wellness $50.00

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Healthy Bones

This workshops discusses arthritis, osteoporosis and how best to manage the health of your bones. Nutrition and exercise is crucial for strong bone...
Healthy Bones $50.00

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Incredible Body

This presentation was created as a learning experince for home schooled children. I invited a number of them over to my office along with their...
Incredible Body $50.00

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Neck and Low Back Care

Learn how to take care of your neck and lower back with conservative exercises and a number of ideas to avoid constant wear and tear of your neck and...
Neck and Low Back Care $50.00

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New Patient Class

The New Patient Class is an introduction to chiropractic for both new and established patients. 42 descriptive slides help illustrate the importance...
New Patient Class $50.00

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Nutrition Workshop

The Nutrition Workshop has 59 slides discussing the importance of nutrition in health and wellness. You will introduce your patients and community of...
Nutrition Workshop $50.00

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Senior Safety and Aging Gracefully

This class is dedicated to our senior patients, their family and friends. This PowerPoint program outlines a number of safety issues most important...
Senior Safety and Aging Gracefully $50.00

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